Remedia offers INTERNSHIPS for both under-graduate and post-graduate students.




The INTERNSHIP activities are based upon three guidelines:


  • collection and classification of linguistic data (writings and conversations, mainly spontaneous) produced by the patients who are residents in the nursing homes and psychiatric centers affiliated with Remedia, with the aim of creating linguistic corpora to be put in relation with the current pathological grammars;
  • observation and description of the therapies based on language such as structured by medical staff and healthcare professionals (detailed analysis of each phase: elaboration of the therapy, methods of administrations to the patients, evaluation of the outcomes);
  • observation and description of the communication strategies between patients and doctors/healthcare professionals, focused around single cases within their clinical setting (therapeutic alliance, conflict, definition/redefinition of the diagnosis, one-to-one and group therapeutic conversations, etc.)



By undertaking the INTERNSHIP activities, the students will be able to acquire specific knowledge/skills in the following areas:


  • collection and classification of linguistic data through standard methods;
  • creation of annotated linguistic corpora (of both written and spoken language);
  • acquisition of a critical thinking about the use of linguistic analysis for:

- describing, monitoring, updating/re-defining the linguistic-pathological profiles of the patients such as defined by the current standard paradigms;


- creating and administrating methods, strategies and therapies of recovery;

  • analysis of the strategies of communication involved in the doctor-patient interaction, with specific focus on the areas of strengths as well as on those which are still perceived as ambiguous and unequal.