Funded by: Orpea Italia

Principal Investigator: Raffaella Scarpa


E.L.D.A. (Exploring Language in Dementia and Alzheimer) is a research project dedicated to language in individuals with dementia/Alzheimer.


Its core aim is to structure a new training program, based on linguistic data, in order to deepen the comprehension of language in patients with dementia/Alzheimer as well as to improve the interaction between those patients and healthcare professionals/caregivers.


For this purpose, E.L.D.A. will identify the main linguistic features of:


1) spontaneous speech of selected groups of patients with dementia/Alzheimer;


2) conversation between selected groups of patients with dementia/Alzheimer and healthcare professionals (patient care assistants, healthcare educators, nurses, psychologists, doctors)/caregivers;


By investigating the language of both patients and healthcare professionals/caregivers, E.L.D.A. intends to clarify some areas of ambiguity still affecting the clinical practice as well as the scientific discourse, with particular regard to:


- the very concept of conversation (which is mainly – if not exclusively – considered from the point of view of non-patients, when related to individuals with Alzheimer and dementia), in order to include the role and perspective of patients and thus expand its meaning and potential;


- the different functions of the communication between patients and healthcare professionals/caregivers.


Corpus CoMe700



Funded by: University of Turin (Italy) until 2018, Remedia until 2022

Principal Investigator: Raffaella Scarpa


Corpus CoMe700: the Italian medical consultations in the XVII-XVIII centuries. The origins of the modern medical language is a research project dedicated to the language of the medical consultations written in Italy during a span of time that has been crucial in the definition of the medical language itself.


The aim of CoMe700 is collecting, transcribing, creating an interactive database and analyzing – with a specific focus on linguistic analysis – the whole corpus of the 18th century Italian medical consultations.


A new website containing all the texts, related documents and preliminary results of this research will be shortly available.