Alessia Macrì graduated in 2014 at the University of Turin, with a thesis about Alzheimer patients’ spoken speech. Meanwhile, she attended the “Scuola di Studi Superiori Ferdinando Rossi” in Turin, deepening connections between ageing and communication (degree in 2016). Her contribution to Remedia is focused on language and Alzheimer (La lingua della demenza di Alzhemeir. Analisi linguistica del parlato spontaneo, in Le lingue della malattia), which shows a productive new way of studying language and degenerative diseases.




Cecilia Defilippi received her MA in Italian Literature, Philology and Linguistics from the University of Turin (Italy) in 2017. Her research interests include clinical linguistics, psychopathology of language, pragmatics and the social conceptualization and portrayal of autism and autistic identity.

She is currently undertaking an internship at the Department of Modern Languages and European Studies of the University of Reading, UK.

She was an active member of the literary reading group «Sogno o Son Testo» at the University of Turin. 




PhD in Philosophy of Mind, Vincenzo Santarcangelo is adjunct professor at the Polytechnic University of Turin. He is a member of the research group LabOnt (University of Turin). His research focuses on philosophy of perception, epistemology and aesthetics of music. For the Remedia research group he is currently working on ontologies in psychiatry. His latest book is Il suono. L'esperienza uditiva e i suoi oggetti (Raffaello Cortina 2018). He writes for Corriere della Sera, Giornale della Musica, Artribune, Il Tascabile Treccani.